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Passing through Chianti
Sunset from top of Poly Canyon
Spooner's Cove
Montana de Oro Morning
Top of Perfumo Canyon 2
Eucalyptus on Madonna
Top of Perfumo Canyon 1
Morro Bay 4th Hole
Golden Peak in Poly Canyon
Poly Fishing Hole 2
Cal Poly Ag Fields
Vineyards in the Sunset
Valdarno Sunset
Afternoon Orchards
Summer at Gerthrud's
Springtime Oak with Bishop's Peak
Cal Poly Fishing Hole
Montana de Oro morning 1
Sunrise through Montana de Oro Eucalyptus
Morning through Montana de Oro Eucalyptus grove
An Aegean Afternoon
2010 Morro Bay Eucalyptus 2
2010 Morro Bay Eucalyptus 3
Train Rolls North of SLO
Montana de Oro Road 1
Montana de Oro Road 2
2010 Morro Bay Eucalyptus 4
2010 Morro Bay Eucalyptus 1
Poly Canyon Trestle
Morro Bay Eucalyptus Grove II
Sunset on Morro Bay
Oak with Bishop's Peak
Eucalyptus Grove
Sunset through Central Coast Oaks
Morro Bay Eucalyptus Grove
Sheep in Poly Fields
Morro Bay Eucalyptus Grove
Oaks in Poly Canyon
Sunset Over Hollister
Morro Bay Eucalypti
Midsummer Sunset in Dalarna
Winter Sunset on Lake Siljan
Poly Canyon at Dusk
Last drop of sun in Poly Canyon
Bishop's Sunset Horiz.
Afternoon in Valdarno
Frozen Dalarna Stream