> Greece 2005

Old woman on white street
Olive trees in the Naxos sunset
Olive trees and windmill in Naxos sunset
Olive tree terraces on Naxos
Getting ready for the season
Red flowers
Water and rocks at Mikri Viglia, Naxos
Chapel behind rock wall on Naxos
Rock walls in Naxos
Portara of Naxos
Stone window on way to Moutsouna
Stone Window near Moutsouna
Late afternoon sun in Naxos
Naxos sunset
Naxos sunset
Horse in Naxos sunset
View across Naxos towards Paros
Tables on St. George beach in Naxos
Tables on water in Moutsouna
View through Chora, Naxos
View from Chora towards Grotto on Naxos
Trees near the beach in Chora, Naxos
Up the hill from Apolonas on Naxos
Agricultural valley on Naxos
Steps in old town Naxos
Windmill in a Naxos sunset
View of a Naxos windmill
Woman and Flag in Naxos wind