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April 05, 2012


Carmen Monrovia

Your new studio suits your artistic nature. It must be refreshing to see the sunlight hit the room. Well, all thanks to your glass door. Now painting and doing all of your stuff will be more enjoyable with that kind of atmosphere. You’ve made a good choice for a new house. It has an artistic mood about it.

Richelle Jelsma

Where did you find your new house? I guess you have looked everywhere just to find it. Heheh. It isn't that hard to look for one as long as you really dedicate your time to do it. Now you can create more masterpieces, more especially so with your new studio! It really feels inspiring to paint in a brightly lit area.

Javier Bonnell

It’s perfect! I love the glass windows and doors! Knowing that you’re an artist, the settings will let enough amount of natural light in, making the space more vibrant and inviting to creative ideas. Good choice, Dan! =)

Abdul Jackson

Wow, artistry seems to be flowing around your studio. I think you wouldn't have any difficulty looking for great ideas with a studio like that. You really made a good deal buying this house.

Erick Bush

Your studio really has an artistic appeal! It’s not that big, but the windows and glass door made it bright and airy. I hope that you’ll be able to make more beautiful and inspiring art in your new studio! Congrats!

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